Barony of North Cadbury
Somerset, England                                                                                                                                                                                                              

 The Baron's Family Coat of Arms

 These are the armorial achievements of




Arms: Argent, a cross Gules, below ahead and above behind a fleur-de-lis Azure, on the cross dexter diagonal a sword (Excalibur) Argent, with a blade Argent, hilt and crossguard Azure.

Crest: demi wyvern Gules, armed Argent with wings Argent, the throat pierced through with a lance shaft Argent and pryce Azure.

Motto: Nil Desperandum (Never despair).


 Grant of Arms by Letters Patent 


The grant of arms and crest by letters patent to Jörg Hubert Dumke by the Münchner Wappen-Herold e.V. (Munich Herald, registered society), dated 11 October 2014. Reference: Grants 094/12065.


        Roll of Arms - Wappenrolle Münchner Herold e.v. (Munich Herald) 

The Baron's Family Coat of Arms is recorded in the Wappenrolle (Roll of Arms) Münchner Herold Vol. XIII under Registration No. 094/12065 (see online Roll of Arms Münchner Herold page 120 (2102).

The Münchner Wappen-Herold (Munich Herald) and the Wappenrolle Münchner Herold (Roll of Arms Munich Herald), Germany rank among to the leading International Heraldry Authorities for the granting and registration of Armorial Bearings (Coat of Arms).

The Roll of Arms is on display in over 100 International Libraries and Archives and all volumes are to see online as well under Wappenindex Münchner Wappen Herold.