Barony of North Cadbury
Somerset, England                                                                                                                                                                                                              

      North Cadbury Visit 2014


 7th JULY 2014 

The Baron and Baroness visited North Cadbury

The Baron with the Churchwarden at the entrance to the Church of St Michael's North Cadbury.


The Lord and Lady of North Cadbury are pleased to announce that they have visited the medieval seat of the famous barony in Somerset.
The Baron and Lady were very warm welcomed by the Churchwarden of the Camelot Parish, his wife and the Vice Chairman of the North Cadbury Village Hall Management Committee. It was a great honour to be well received.                          

Jörg and Regina were led through the very lovely villages of North Cadbury, South Cadbury and Galhampton and showed them the historic buildings from the ancient times. In the North Cadbury Village Hall was given an explicit overview over the forthcoming refurbishment works which are urgently required.                 

Up on the agenda was also a trip to the famous King Arthur's Cadbury Castle in South Cadbury and finally to the market town Castle Cary. The countryside with it's beautiful scenery, the typical old houses sometimes with thatched roofs and to meet the really very kindly and welcoming residents was lovely.

Lord and Lady North Cadbury give their cordially thanks to all the people which were involved in this marvellous and very impressive visit and for their generosity. Particularly thanks also to the Chairman of the North Cadbury Village Hall Management Committee who has arranged this visit.

North Cadbury               

North Cadbury Court

Church of St Michael the Archangel at North Cadbury

North Cadbury Church and graveyard

Old Yew tree at North Cadbury Church planted in 1427

A view from the graveyard to North Cadbury Court






North Cadbury Village Hall

'On the Stage'


The Catash Inn


    South Cadbury


The Camelot in South Cadbury near Cadbury Castle




Galhampton Village seen from the Cricket Ground

View from Galhampton Cricket Ground to Glastonbury Tor



 Castle Cary 


The Market Hall


'The Round House' in Castle Cary was built in 1779 as a temporary prison or lock-up. Very crazy!

Lady Regina with the Vice-Chairman of the North Cadbury Village Hall Management Committee in front of 'The Round House'

The two original keys of 'The Round House'



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